Faster than Alternatives

There are many different methods to separate or divorce.  Most of these alternatives include using a professional to help navigate the process.

Should you or your spouse choose to “just let your lawyers handle it”, you may begin to feel that your separation has been taken out of your control. I have worked with many separating couples that have experienced high levels of frustration with the amount of time taken to complete their separation agreement.  What happens in this typical scenario is that…

You call your lawyer

Your lawyer calls your spouse’s lawyer

Your spouse’s lawyer calls your spouse

Your spouse’s lawyer calls your lawyer

Your lawyer calls you

This amounts to a lot of communication for each proposal.  It can take days for simple requests to be settled and each communication thread is costing you money.  The advantage to mediation is that both spouses are in the room together and issues are being addressed immediately.

You set your mediation meetings as close together or as far apart as convenient for you and your situation.  While in mediation issues are being addressed and settled and you are actively participating in the process.  You have more control over the timing, the costs, and the swiftness in which your separation or divorce is being settled than the alternative of waiting for your lawyer, an arbitrator or a judge to decide for you.

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