Parenting Plan

A parenting plan is the biggest advantage of mediation. In court you may achieve a custody and access ruling that may have been in your favor. However, how that ruling is executed into day-to-day life is where most separated couples run into trouble.

The Family Law Act is very clear that decisions should be made in the “best interest of the child”. However, when the courts make custody and access agreements they tend to be rigid and vague and do not cover all the situations that will arise in your co-parenting life.

In mediation considerable time will be allocated to your Parenting Plan. This plan will include many of the aspects of co-parenting since the more detailed the parenting plan the less chance there is for disagreements and conflicts to arise.

Each Parenting Plan will be designed specifically for your family and for your children. Issues can include family holidays, traditions, vacations, sporting activities, information sharing, when and how to switch weekends, when and how to handle new spouses and a variety of other scenarios that will potentially trip up separated couples.

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