With the pressure we are currently facing and the amount of responsibility we are shouldering individuals are finding their stress levels are mounting. Depression is on the raise with more and more individuals in our society suffering from its debilitating effects.

Depression is a mental health condition that robs us of our enjoyment in life. While depression can cause a person to feel sad it most often causes a person to feel detached or removed from their life.

If you are experiencing depression you may feel;
• Depleted of energy
• Disconnected from your life and loved ones
• Unable to enjoy your normal activities
• Find it difficult to go work
• Have difficulty completing tasks
• Experience changes in sleep (too much or too little)
• Experience changes in appetite (too much or too little)
• An avoidance of social situations

If you think you may be experiencing depression, one of the first things you should do is discuss your symptoms and feelings with your family doctor. While there is no blood test that can detect depression, blood tests can used to eliminate other conditions that may be causing your symptoms (low iron, diabetes, hormone imbalances, etc.). Depending on your symptoms your doctor may prescribe some medication that will help control your symptoms.

Counseling can also help you with your depression. In therapy you can develop coping strategies to manage your daily activities, learn how to control your negative or anxious thoughts, re-establish connections with your friends and family and find a way to back to your old self.

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