Marriage Counselling

Marriage is hard and divorce rates are at an all time high. In our fast-paced and busy world it is easy for couples to lose their connection with each other. To drift apart and find themselves no longer united in their relationship.

Marriage counselling can help you reestablish your relationship. Once upon a time you and your spouse loved each other – rekindling that love is possible.

Generally when couples start marriage counselling their problems have become so entangled that on they can no longer remember where they began. Couples frequently enter into therapy with a long list of offensives against their spouse and an expectation that the therapist will referee and declare a winner and a loser to each fight they have ever had.

To affectively repair your relationship it is important to let go of those past hurts, to focus on accepting your partner for who they truly are – not who you want them to be. It is essential to get to a core understanding of each other so you can fall in love with your spouse all over again.

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