Parenting Issues

Having a child is one of the greatest moments in our life, as parents we learn very quickly how that joy can turn to fear. As parents we constantly worrying about our children and second-guess our parenting decisions.

As infants we are constantly vigil about their basic needs and safety. We worry about their growth and development; are they eating enough, growing enough and accomplishing their milestones on time.

As our infants grow into toddlers and then through the primary ages our concerns change to bigger issues such as their personal development, academic progress and their ability to grow into their teenage years with the foundation they need to succeed.

When our children enter into their teenage years, family relationships can often become explosive. Parents and teenagers notoriously bang heads over house rules, friends, academics and behavior within the home.

Prior to adolescences a counselor can aid you in deciding what your parenting priorities are and how to create a family routine that reflects them. During adolescence having a third party mediate these issues can dramatically change the flow of communication within your family and help teenagers find a position of autonomy within the boundaries of your established family dynamic.

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