Separation or Divorce

If you feel like your marriage or relationship is falling apart but is still savable, then please see the section on Marriage Counselling, to learn how therapy can help you rekindle your partnership.

If your relationship is truly over and your next step is to contact lawyers and officially separate then please see the section on the Benefits of Mediation to determine if you and your ex-spouse are candidates for this process. Mediation is a wonderful alternative for separating couples, especially if you want to be fair and amicable throughout the separation process.

If your relationship is over and you are already handling the legal side therapy can help you transition through your separation. Regardless of who wanted to separate, or the reasons why the separation is occurring separation or divorce are extremely stressful.

Couples may feel conflicting emotions about their separation. Walking away from the family home, in-laws, splitting up of assets and suddenly having to share children are all very challenging. Often accompanying these feelings is a great sense of loss over our hopes and dreams. When we walked down the aisle we felt very much in love and believed that our relationship was going to be “happily ever after”.

Therapy can help you make sense out of all these overpowering emotions and reduce your feelings of stress.

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